Tiger on the balcony then currents in Grafton Park

Our eldest child finds the adjustment to a few days in Milton Keynes difficult. Loudly and angrily she tells the rest of us how bored she is. The familiar elements of coming here - the accommodation, the trips to Conniburrow, the meetings with MK Gallery - are both irksome and agreeable. The effects for her are too confused to separate out.

The struggle to work out which is which unsettles all five of us. We try to find the right register, to know how much to approach this as work, how much as a working holiday.

On the first full day of this particular visit, our youngest plays a game with her tiger suit on. She makes a den on the balcony and is reluctant to leave this to go out. After persuasion, we set off to the find the linear park that Gareth showed us on his cycle tour. Our eldest feels bored and irritable. She strays off from the rest of us. Our youngest doesn't want to follow. She sits down by a tree at the edge of the purple zone car parking and makes up a story. The discovery of the stream brings us all back together. We paddle.

#dressingup #makingmeaning #play #familypractice