Office Wear

On the Monday after the Sunflower event we take part in a staff meeting at MK Gallery. It’s valuable having an opportunity to share what we’ve been doing with other people from gallery. But the setting is also a challenge. For the children, the combination of meeting room + chairs + tables = static and limiting.

We enter the room each wearing one of the coloured cloths. Our eldest conceals herself under a cloth and intones the things she likes about Milton Keynes: I LIKE … THE MARKET. I LIKE … HENNA. I LIKE … WATERMELON. Simon Wright (Curator of Public Programmes) says the cloths remind him of Helio Oiticica.

Parangoles capes by artist Helio Oiticica worn by people in Mangueira Hill, Brazil.

People in Mangueira Hill, Brazil, wearning Parangolés capes by artist Helio Oiticica. Photo by Andreas Valentim. From Heather Brand (ed.) Helio Oiticica: The Body of Colour, 2007, London: Tate.

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