Technical and Institutional Support

Our approach to making this exhibition is improvisational. By nature, it's unpredictable. It is possible that the materials we've gathered won't afford the right sort of play, or that a disagreement between the children will terminate the process before anything has been made. When we used this approach in Nottingham we had a back-up work, a big drawing in three parts to go on the wall. No back-up work this time.

It was amazing for us to have the support of Vic and MK Gallery. Vic seemed untroubled by the risk of having no exhibition by the end. Among other things Vic booked a technician (artist Emma Wilde) to work with us during the game/install. She also booked the film maker Miles Umney to record the process. And because this was planned ahead, we were able to work out a framework for the film with Miles. We decided:

no interviewing or direct questions to the children;

no music soundtrack on the final film;

a focus on the negotiations that would take place about how/where to arrange things and use the space;

to capture some of the disagreements and difficulties that may arise.

Working in the Project Space with artist/technician Emma Wilde

Working in the Project Space with artist/technician Emma Wilde.

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