Discussions on Trainer Challenge

Cool. It’s a good way to spend the day – not what I thought I’d be doing! What am I wearing? Cosco Mudies. Yeah, they’re good. No laces, you just pull them on and now they’re worn in they’re good driving shoes.

Well nothing comes free in life.

It’s not just a trainer, it’s the number and everything. My boys tell me exactly what sort it has to be, the number and the colour. Limited Release! Doesn’t mean they’ll get them of course, but they keep asking anyway.

For Christmas I bought Fenton some Nike Pronto and then Evan went out and bought himself the exact same type. Now he can work for his Dad at the weekends he’s got the money. General help, labouring, you know, tea boy! But his brother hasn’t got the time with the A levels.

We’ve just been in this ... this shop. There’s jumpers for £300! And Evan’s saying but I really like it Mum, it’s Stone Island. I said Evan, it’s making me really uncomfortable being in here.