Trainer Challenge

In Spring half term we tried out the Trainer Challenge. Some of the MK Gallery gang, including Vic’s children, helped us to get all the stuff ready: checklists on the clipboards, sharpened pencils, a sign inviting people to have a go.

The sign didn’t really work. Not because of the flimsy snare drum stand we used as a make-shift support, but because very few people felt able to stop and look at it. The incongruity of a hand-made sign was off putting rather than intriguing.

A better recruitment route was when the children scouted round for likely candidates: people wearing credible trainers, people with the necessary style, people with convincing body language, people walking as if they didn’t take their surroundings entirely seriously. The children did the spotting, but it was up to us to speak, to invite these chosen individuals to take part.