The World Seen Through Trainers

Our eldest daughter has grown out of her trainers. She's been thinking a lot about what kind she'll get next. Your choice says so much about you. She sees the range on sale as both varied and restricted. Some models, like Adidas Superstars, have numerous versions (including, among many others, Junior Superstar Iridescent, Superstar 80's Metal Shell Toe, Women's Superstar Snake), limited editions, updates and refreshes. Many other makes are simply beyond consideration: from our daughter's position, choosing to wear Campers or Sketchers would be decidedly odd.

Our collaborative practice has tried to find a place for art making within the shifting rhythms of our family life. Trainers are interesting because of the gulf in perception – between their importance for our daughter and their insignificance for us – and because they are one of the forms which continue to allow our daughter to expand her understanding of herself.

Having been brought into the world of trainers, we wondered if other people could tell a Superstar from a Roche. We helped our daughter design a checklist of the trainers that, in her opinion, merited being recognised.