This Isn't A Riding Elf

One of us is at home cutting up old school uniforms into cleaning rags. Our youngest ties some around herself to become a pirate. She asks for help to cut two ear holes in a t-shirt, making it into a hood or hat or coif. On the floor is a mixing bowl full of marbles and stones: pirate stew.

When the other two get home from school they take up the game. As they assemble their outfits and agree on their names the momentum picks up; they ask us to film them. For our elder two children, the pirates give way to wood sprites and elves. Meanwhile our youngest is inhabiting and re-enacting children's story by Toni Ungerer called The Hat. Trombone practice starts in another room and the children respond, one with dance steps, and then all three with howls and hoots.

We often film a game as it's taking place. This one is unusual because the game develops in a clear way, finding a narrative, following it through, ending as they leave the room:

You go North, and I'll go West.

And I'm going South. ... And I'm going SOUTH!

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