The Shift

Vic Mayes has suggested we have an exhibition in the MK Gallery project space in the summer (i.e. August 2017) to show some of the work from Playing Out. Vic and Tara (Tara Page, Learning Manager, MK Gallery) have also invited us to come up with an idea for MK Playday, a big annual event in Campbell Park. The exhibition opening is timed to coincide with MK Playday.

A shift that has been taking place in Playing Out. During the Child-led Tour of Conniburrow we learnt that when we plan an event for a larger group, particularly an unknown group, our children become uneasy or lose interest. As a family, the way we have managed to remain engaged in a project 100 miles from home is to focus on creating the right conditions for the five of us.

We want to use the exhibition to create those optimum family conditions. The five us will spend two days, the install period, playing and making arrangements with things we have collected beforehand and things that MK Gallery staff have collected for us. For MK Playday, the plan is to develop the game from This Isn't A Riding Elf by offering people clothes to cut up and re-purpose.

These two parallel events – one public and participative, the other discreet and familial – make explicit the way Playing Out is changing.

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