Architecture of the Imagination

Each time we visit, MK Gallery books us a serviced apartment: half way between a private rent and a hotel room. The exact apartment varies but it is always in a five or six storey block with underground parking and a lift. The apartment has a balcony and furnishings with glass table, TV with Sky digi-box, off-the-peg paintings, leather sofas.

For our children, the aggregate effect of architecture and décor communicates luxury and sophistication, a sense of living above the reach of dull routines like school and please-put-away-your-clean-clothes.

On this visit they start improvising adverts: an advert for an apple, for a glass of water, for a piece of toast. Their voice-overs are breathy and sincere. The effect is best when we're all seated for a meal at the glass-topped table. The adverts suggest that everything is for sale: a fluid world where things will slide out of view if they're not promoted with the necessary conviction.

After the adverts come the films. A film in the apartment that shows it as a place of parties and on-line shopping. A film, titled 'California Sanfrancisca', on the apartment balcony. A film in the summer houses at Dobbies garden centre.

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