Colour and Coincidences

At the start of our visit in January we (Georgie and Anna) visited HannahBelle, who describes herself as a spiritual healer. She holds her consultations in her van and directed us to find her parked up beside Willen Lake.

We saw her separately, one after the other. For both of us, the session involved talking to HannahBelle about our current concerns, our everyday thoughts, our hopes and aims for Playing Out, our relationship with Milton Keynes. For both of us, the moment when we mentioned our set of thirty yellow flags was also the moment when we noticed a yellow scarf hanging on the wall of HannahBelle’s van. For HannahBelle, the colour yellow connects with the information held by those who are invisible to us in our earthly lives.

The remainder of our visit to Milton Keynes was populated by coincidences, many of them connected with yellow and with circles. We found ourselves in Middleton Hall where an exhibition was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes. This is where we first learnt about the copious yellow used by the MK Development Corporation.