Child-led Tour

We met at the gallery in the morning: our family of five, Georgie, Vic and her children, Tara, and Miles, who was filming. We went on foot, wearing yellow beanie hats, making noise with brass and drums, under the raised road section of Silbury Boulevard, past a man with time and inclination to acknowledge us by dancing, crossing Portway by the footbridge, misjudging our route, tracking back through the neighbouring district of Bradwell Common, arriving in Conniburrow to make a noise in Friendship Park.

The idea was to learn about Conniburrow by asking children who lived there to show us round. Our children and Vic's took turns at leading the group (6 minutes each), but although we stood out with our instruments and our hats, other children didn't join in. We hadn't formed sufficient relationships to draw on.

After the short tours were over, we returned to Friendship Park and planted yellow flags in the turf. Sarah Wright (artist and Conniburrow resident) joined us, and we shared hot chocolate with other families in the park.

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