Meeting Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright is an artist who works with drawing and with outdoor spaces and with groups of artists and non-artists. In 2011, driven by her passion to share the benefits of drawing with a wider audience, she set up The Drawing Machine.

Sarah Wright lives in Conniburrow and Vic arranged for us to meet her. Playing Out will bring us into places where she is already active, so this was an important meeting.

The rendezvous was Friendship Park. As we walked from there around the estate we talked about the situation that brought us together: Sarah is an artist living in Conniburrow; we are artists from outside MK commissioned to work in Conniburrow. It felt important to talk about this openly. We discussed ways in which we could collaborate, how we could bring together our different practices, Sarah's knowledge of the area and our commitment to the project.

Seven city blocks form the main structure of Conniburrow. Each block has a green area within in. On three of the blocks, the housing forms a continuous perimeter, enclosing the green area. Our walk ended up in the green area that Sarah's house looks on to. She told us more about her practice and how she believes drawing to be a life skill, something that people can make use of every day. She often makes work outside. One of her large-scale outdoor activities uses sawdust and sand to make drawings. The initial drawing is done by pouring sand to achieve a fluid line. A narrow trench is dug along the lines of sand. Sawdust and paraffin are put into the trench. When the sawdust is set alight, the drawing emerges as a burnt line. In another of her projects, repeated annually, children from Conniburrow make lanterns from willow and paper and taken them on a parade.

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