Initiation Visit

A list of ideas, feelings, visual memories from our first visit as a family to Milton Keynes:

Lost in the centre but driving on.

First time for all five of us.

A building the size of a hill.

H26, V22, like city sectors in a sci-fi novel.

'There aren't really any old buildings to use as cheap artists' studios. We tend to knock down our bulidings once their purpose has gone.”

Swords, towers and bunk beds, all made from polystyrene.

A family meal, that is also a work discussion, held at the foot of a ski slope.

A chilly Saturday morning.

The single children's slide in each Conniburrow courtyard.

'We have almost no public facilities here: no chemist, no dentist, no pub, no doctors, no post office.'

A long pavement's worth of crackling leaves ready for running through.

A fast food trailer selling Ghanaian street food.

The Red Routes and the Black Routes.

'MK is growing faster than most UK cities, and wealth inequality is growing faster too.'

Iconic benches.

The non-existence of zebra crossings.

Losing each other in the short walk from the theatre carpark to the Campbell park underpass.

Nearly, but not quite, remembering the exotic names of those open square-roofed structures where you cross the road – portmanteau, porte maillot, portcullis, portico?

A story of cardboard circles for sliding down the grassy slopes of Campbell Park.

Running very fast down the hotel corridor.

Triple height bottle flipping.

Midsummer Boulevard in the crisp and deepening winter.

Waiting for the moment to come when all five of us are willing and interested enough to plan next day's performance for the MK Gallery staff.

Big glowing circles held horizontal at the height of bus shelter roofs above the boulevard: might be artworks or might be infrastructure.

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