An excerpt from the MK Gallery Press Release (Aug 2017) for the exhibition in the Project Space in which Tara Page says:

"This exhibition highlights the incredible value of children’s ideas and the important role that adults play in listening and trusting in them. Children are creative beings who have a right...

Seeing Tara on skype bumps their energy up a few notches. They crowd round the laptop, raise their voices, shift and shuffle and gesticulate even more than normal – we can't really arrive at answers or even hear Tara's questions.

26 Jun 2017

We enter the room each wearing one of the coloured cloths. Our eldest conceals herself under a cloth and intones the things she likes about Milton Keynes: I LIKE … THE MARKET. I LIKE … HENNA. I LIKE … WATERMELON.

26 Nov 2016

Our first encounter with all the staff of MK Gallery was an improvised performance.

24 Nov 2016

This was the first visit to Milton Keynes for any of us. Here's a list of the feelings, memories and ideas sparked by our visit.

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