26 Jun 2017

A film of a narrative game that our children develop, starting with some cleaning rags.

13 Jun 2017



Centre of shot: a black and white leather sofa. Two iPads, one on each arm of sofa. Two children in pink flowing robes enter shot. Each holds a white mug. Both sit down, relaxing with exaggerated relief and enjoyment.



Simultaneously Child 1 and Child 2 eac...

12 Jun 2017

Each time we visit, MK Gallery books us a serviced apartment: half way between a private rent and a hotel room. The exact apartment varies but it is always in a five or six storey block with underground parking and a lift. The apartment has a balcony and furnishings with glass table, TV with Sky digi-box, off...

11 Jun 2017

Wearing the cloths gives us certain freedoms in the way we behave as a family in public space. Our eldest child wanted to go somewhere new in MK: not the centre and not Conniburrow. We went to Willen Lake to find the Peace Pagoda and the Labyrinth. On the way back to the car park our youngest invented a new c...

10 Jun 2017

We had used the coloured cloths as part of Georgie and Anna's visit in May. We wanted to see what the cloths would be like when we used them as a family. Vic and her children joined us. The children used the cloths as capes and drapes and head coverings. (Vic is Head of Learning at MK Gallery). At another poi...

A child-led tour of Conniburrow with yellow hats, snare drum and trombone.

26 Nov 2016

Our first encounter with all the staff of MK Gallery was an improvised performance.

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