And Georgie's tried pushing the symmetry even further.

Planting out in locations around Conniburrow including a defunct junction box and an abandoned supermarket trolley.

10 Jun 2017

We had used the coloured cloths as part of Georgie and Anna's visit in May. We wanted to see what the cloths would be like when we used them as a family. Vic and her children joined us. The children used the cloths as capes and drapes and head coverings. (Vic is Head of Learning at MK Gallery). At another poi...

Finding lost and abandoned things. Sorting. Arranging. Combining. Placing. Re-placing. Paying attention to their qualities.

Using our coloured cloths in the 'out-the-back' spaces of Conniburrow.

14 May 2017

We enjoy spontaneity. When we make detailed plans, it's so there's something to spring out from. For the next visit to MK, we wanted to record our intentions before we went.

We planned to bring large coloured cloths to the out-the-back spaces in Conniburrow. The cloths are 1.5m x 1.5m. We will play with them,...

A child-led tour of Conniburrow with yellow hats, snare drum and trombone.

Our first meeting with artist Sarah Wright.

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