22 Jan 2017

At the start of our visit in January we (Georgie and Anna) visited HannahBelle, who describes herself as a spiritual healer. She holds her consultations in her van and directed us to find her parked up beside Willen Lake.

We saw her separately, one after the other. For both of us, the session involved talking...

18 Jan 2017

We've been having vivid dreams. On waking, the colours are still with us, in particular the yellows.

Thinking about what we'll do over the next two years with Conniburrow residents, we line up some strategies that have worked for us in the past: props, flags, using public space for temporary games, child-led t...

27 Nov 2016

Stewart and Steve from Big Local Conniburrow (BLC) gave us a tour of the area. We started in Friendship Park, which BLC funded. Later on, we found a group of interesting leaves. 

26 Nov 2016

Our first encounter with all the staff of MK Gallery was an improvised performance.

24 Nov 2016

This was the first visit to Milton Keynes for any of us. Here's a list of the feelings, memories and ideas sparked by our visit.

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