Cleaning cloths hung up to dry.

Their movement through the processes of use and re-use brings them to this temporary arrangement.

The idea of coloured cloths in the green areas of Conniburrow, draped over bushes, benches, bins.

At half term, we were in the studio with our eldest and our youngest.

Our youngest played with toy animals for over an hour, moving, arranging them, carefully lying each one on its side under the table.

When a pause came in this game she saw 'oh, a great big bit of paper.' She took up the charcoal and began mak...

A child-led tour of Conniburrow with yellow hats, snare drum and trombone.

16 Feb 2017

Cool. It’s a good way to spend the day – not what I thought I’d be doing! What am I wearing? Cosco Mudies. Yeah, they’re good. No laces, you just pull them on and now they’re worn in they’re good driving shoes.

Well nothing comes free in life.

It’s not just a trainer, it’s the number and everything. My boys tel...

16 Feb 2017

In Spring half term we tried out the Trainer Challenge. Some of the MK Gallery gang, including Vic’s children, helped us to get all the stuff ready: checklists on the clipboards, sharpened pencils, a sign inviting people to have a go.

The sign didn’t really work. Not because of the flimsy snare drum stand we u...

15 Feb 2017

The artist Phyllida Barlow generates a quiet authority. And her work creates a vivid and dynamic sense of risk. A few years back we saw Rig, her amazing show at Hauser & Wirth on Piccadilly. We watched a recent thing on iPlayer where she says: "The two activities of being an artist and having children are tot...

14 Feb 2017

Our eldest daughter has grown out of her trainers. She's been thinking a lot about what kind she'll get next. Your choice says so much about you. She sees the range on sale as both varied and restricted. Some models, like Adidas Superstars, have numerous versions (including, among many others, Junior Supersta...

Our first meeting with artist Sarah Wright.

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