10 Jun 2017

We had used the coloured cloths as part of Georgie and Anna's visit in May. We wanted to see what the cloths would be like when we used them as a family. Vic and her children joined us. The children used the cloths as capes and drapes and head coverings. (Vic is Head of Learning at MK Gallery). At another poi...

10 Jun 2017

Once there was a little ant called Farmer. He had a little house, a hide hole that just fitted him. One early spring morning Farmer Ant went out of his hole and went up and up and up until he was at the top of the hill. He knocked on a door. He said 'This is a stick of luck.' Andy answered the door and said '...

10 Jun 2017

Our eldest child finds the adjustment to a few days in Milton Keynes difficult. Loudly and angrily she tells the rest of us how bored she is. The familiar elements of coming here - the accommodation, the trips to Conniburrow, the meetings with MK Gallery - are both irksome and agreeable. The effects for her a...

29 May 2017

Artist Gareth Jones was part of the driving force that brought City Club into being. Gareth offered to take us on a guided cycle tour of MK. Designer Daniel Chehade came too. The purpose of the tour was to find the remnants of the 'Meeting Places' that were built as part of the early settlements in MK.


Finding lost and abandoned things. Sorting. Arranging. Combining. Placing. Re-placing. Paying attention to their qualities.

Using our coloured cloths in the 'out-the-back' spaces of Conniburrow.

14 May 2017

We enjoy spontaneity. When we make detailed plans, it's so there's something to spring out from. For the next visit to MK, we wanted to record our intentions before we went.

We planned to bring large coloured cloths to the out-the-back spaces in Conniburrow. The cloths are 1.5m x 1.5m. We will play with them,...

Trying out the Tiger Walk in preparation for an action in the shopping areas of Milton Keynes.

repeating the action

with satisfying restlessness

in search of a different wrist flick, a neater action

to body forth one bubble

more tremulously plump than any seen before

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