26 Jun 2017

A film of a narrative game that our children develop, starting with some cleaning rags.

26 Jun 2017

We enter the room each wearing one of the coloured cloths. Our eldest conceals herself under a cloth and intones the things she likes about Milton Keynes: I LIKE … THE MARKET. I LIKE … HENNA. I LIKE … WATERMELON.

Planting out in locations around Conniburrow including a defunct junction box and an abandoned supermarket trolley.

As soon as we arrived at the Sunflower celebration event at Conniburrow Community Orchard our eldest two sat under a tree and began adding to the designs on each other's hands. 'We just did decoration and more decoration. It's … it's addictive.'

Artistic actions around MK on summer solstice 2017.

13 Jun 2017



Centre of shot: a black and white leather sofa. Two iPads, one on each arm of sofa. Two children in pink flowing robes enter shot. Each holds a white mug. Both sit down, relaxing with exaggerated relief and enjoyment.



Simultaneously Child 1 and Child 2 eac...

12 Jun 2017

Each time we visit, MK Gallery books us a serviced apartment: half way between a private rent and a hotel room. The exact apartment varies but it is always in a five or six storey block with underground parking and a lift. The apartment has a balcony and furnishings with glass table, TV with Sky digi-box, off...

11 Jun 2017

Wearing the cloths gives us certain freedoms in the way we behave as a family in public space. Our eldest child wanted to go somewhere new in MK: not the centre and not Conniburrow. We went to Willen Lake to find the Peace Pagoda and the Labyrinth. On the way back to the car park our youngest invented a new c...

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